Jonathan Gardi – Ph.D. / M.Sc.E.E. / B.A.Sc.

Torvegade 10

4970 Rødby


Tel. (+45) 60770776

Computerised Solutions CVR nr. 28596634



Software to hardware, desktop to handheld, medical and banking to embedded programming.

Quantitative histology, biomedicine and stereology. Specially tailored utilities for statistics, data mining and analysis.

C/C++/Java/Android/ExcelVBA and microscopy/finance software.

Ph.D. in Medicine, a computer programmer for more than 20 years.




Curriculum Vitae:


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P16231PCDK/RM Gardi, J. E., Nyengaard, J. R. & Gundersen, H. J. G. (2010). Method for unbiased estimation of total amount of objects based on non uniform sampling with probability obtained using image analysis.




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